How Colors Influence The Mind: Know More About Color Psychology

Colors influence our mind more than we know. In fact, it does so more than images and words. You can use it to your benefit to establish your brand, or market your products, and so on.

But how to do so if you don’t know how the color influences the mind? Don’t worry; I am here to help you. I will now talk about several ways color influences the mind and how to utilize it.

Misconceptions Around The Psychology of Colors:

There is very little data available on the effects color has on our mind. Not only that, most that data are not true. They are mostly misconceptions. For example, many articles on the internet will tell you that one particular color is best depending on your site. That is not at all true. No specific color works wonders. You will have to check out as many colors as possible and see the results.

You should remind yourself that you are trying to understand the effect of color to bring more customers. Now, every customer is different. So, to achieve the best results, test as many colors as possible, keep tweaking them and see what works best for you.

The Importance of Colors in Branding:

Imagine a laptop with a silver colored apple, or a red soft drink can, or perhaps a fast food store with two yellow arches. Each time you imagine them, a particular brand comes into mind, right? That is the power of color in branding. Colors associated with your brand lets you make a proper connection with the customer, it adds value to your product. This, in turn, improves the sales. The color can actually make or break your brand.

The saying ‘First impression is the last impression’ stands true in this case. If you can make your customer connect with the color of your product or website, your brand so to speak, you can be sure they will return to it, given your product or website is sound in other aspects. You will have to keep experimenting with the colors in this aspect as well. You need to understand your customer’s mind and work as per the needs arise.

Conversion Rate:

The conversion rate is one of the essential aspects of your website. It is one of the sole determining factors in your success. Colors can play a big role in this. For example, you will often see the color red in websites on their sign up buttons. There is a sound reason behind this behavior. Red is a color that easily catches the eye. As a result, when a visitor browses the website, they see the sign up button more easily. This, in turn, prompts them to take action faster.

However, this is just an example. As I said earlier in this article, what works for someone else, may not work for you always. So, keep doing your research, analyze the data, and work toward achieving success.

Color Preferences by Gender:

Recently a survey revealed that both men and women’s favorite color is blue. However, this may not be true for your specific customers. Again, you would have to experiment rather than choosing one color and thinking everything will be just fine. Let’s see some examples of how colors work.

The color red infuses energy. The color creates a sense of urgency by increasing your heart rate. That is the reason this color is present often during sales on sites.

Blue associates itself with security and trust. As for this reason, banks and business sites use this color abundantly.

Green is a color that is interrelated with relaxation. Our eyes process the color more easily than any other color. It is mostly seen in stores.

When you hear the words cheerful and optimistic, which color comes to mind? Yellow, isn’t it? That is why the color is most dominantly used to catch the eyes of the people who do window shopping. It helps in attracting them.

In general, if your site or product deals with men, then blue is the safest color to play with. The reason behind is stated above, it is the most favorite color for men. On the other hand, when it concerns women, you may want to choose colors such as green, blue, and purple. Steer clear of the colors gray, brown, and orange, as women tend to hate them more than the other colors.

Keep tweaking with the data and see what works for you. However, do not depend solely on colors. If your product or site is not good, no amount of color will help you achieve success.

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Colors really can help you to improve your marketing plans and brand your products as well as the site. Knowing the precise way of how colors influence the mind will help you achieve that more effectively. Now that you have come to the end of the article, you know about them. Just apply these as per your needs and see the results. If you have any questions about the article, or if you want me to talk about something else, do let me know in the comments section below.